Custom Design Services

We offer a wide range of custom design services at The Polished Edge Fine Jewelry. Our jewelers can carve waxes, cast and create one of a kind pieces based on your desires. We have recently acquired CAD/CAM and are still in the early stages of offering this within the store as a separate jewelry bar.Kevin has created the piece pictured here in CAD/CAM for use with a matching pair of pear shaped Imperial Topaz stones with rose gold, green gold, yellow gold and diamonds. If you’re interested in acquiring these earrings, you’re in luck because we still have these available!

If you have seen a picture or noticed something on Pinterest, bring it to us and we can make it! We keep photo collections in store of some of the custom pieces. We will only share designs that our customers have given us permission to show.

One of the most unique and challenging custom pieces Kevin Weaver designed was based on a picture in someone’s  dream. She envisioned two pears hanging from a tree branch next to each other with vines running up the sides of the tree. A year later and a trip to Philadelphia and we had 2 almost identical 2 carat pear diamonds and a wax cut with the tree design!

Needless to say, this design project took some time but our customers were thrilled and couldn’t have been happier. They are the only ones in the world with this piece!!

Please come by and we can discuss making a one of a kind piece for you whether you have a picture in hand or just in mind! And we’re happy to utilize your own jewelry piece you want updated, restored or completely overhauled! We also work with your existing gems or loose diamonds to set them in your desired masterpiece.