If you’re looking for hard to find gems or unusual cuts, The Polished Edge has an incredible selection of loose stones just waiting for the right setting! Owner, Kevin Weaver, has a great eye for the most beautiful jewels and adds to his collection monthly.

We’re fortunate enough to have some great suppliers that come to us from around the world bringing rare and beautiful stones to purchase. We love our friends at Brazilian Gem Source for their spectacular emeralds, Paribas, watermelon tourmalines and Imperial topaz. The color ranges in the tourmalines and topaz are all over the map from deep greens to the soft coppers and pinks!

B. Zabih provides us with a rainbow of sapphire colors and purple-blue tanzanite’s. We have several of the sapphire and tanzanite pieces in the gallery and can be used for engagement as well as fashion wear.

If you like opals, rubies, amethyst, kunzite, citrine, peridot we also have loose stones and finished jewelry showcasing these beautiful gems. One of our designers, Jane Wullbrandt, designs primarily in color with diamond accents in 18 karat white and yellow golds. She is also a Kansas native with a KU degree so we love to have her back from Atlanta for trunk shows whenever possible!

We offer pearls as well in a range of colors and sizes. Depending on your preference, we can show you our freshwaters, natural and Tahitians. A lot of our finished jewelry contains cultured pearl and Tahitians.

We’ll continue to update our gallery with more gemstone jewelry as well as pearl!