KIR Collection

A fascination with the idea that a well-made piece of jewelry may one day become an heirloom inspired Kir Boedecker to design her first piece of jewelry nearly twenty years ago. Today, sterling silver and 18 carat gold designs adorned with semi-precious stones and pearls are the backbone of the KIR collection. References to exotic cultures, detailed textures, unusual finishes and the finest craftsmanship combine to create a striking and versatile collection. Kirsten’s multi-faceted passions – travel, nature, and music – fuse together to evoke an element of playfulness and adventure for the wearer. KIR invites women to express their personal styles and embrace life’s contradictions.

When Kirsten began designing jewelry in the late 80’s, she created long funky wire wrapped earrings with beads for her friends and soon she set up a small metal-smithing studio in her garage. Sundance Catalogue featured one of her designs on their cover and her small garage collection became so popular that she began to manufacture on a larger-scale. Nearly a decade ago, a friend introduced her to Bali and its essence evoked her creative destiny. Inspired by its mysterious allure and deep-rooted customs, she started producing her collection in the old Balinese style of jewelry making.

KIR, formerly Kirsten Moorhead Jewelry was founded in 2001 by Kirsten Boedecker and Jennifer Klein. From 2001–2004, the company built its wholesale distribution to include many exclusive, high-end boutiques. Kirsten took time to focus on an alternate line of jewelry developed specifically for the QVC and related appearances on their “Rising Designer” series. Focus on family and children kept the company small, until early 2008, when Kirsten and Jennifer decided to devote themselves fully to the collection, which was always in high demand from local followers and friends. Renamed KIR in 2008, the company re-launched nationally at select retailers in Spring 2009 with a new product selection. KIR is still privately owned by its two founders.

Today all KIR production remains in Bali while design, development, quality control, stone sourcing and raw material planning is overseen by the KIR executive office in Boulder, Colorado. Quality specifications are determined by KIR for each prototype to ensure the final product is of the highest quality and the company prides itself on unsurpassed customer service.

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