Elysium Collection

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Elysium by Lashbrook

Diamonds in black… the dark side of luxury. 
Proprietary technology now creates a multi-crystal black diamond matrix that resists scratching, lasts forever and maintains an artisan sheen that never fades. Step into the darkness of infinite perfection.
Introducing Elysium Diamond in Black
Not every finger longs to sparkle. Diamond and darkness converge in a bold new expression of love’s lasting promise. The BLACK collection from Elysium brings the universal virtue of diamond into the shadows of intrigue.
As hard as diamond because it is diamond
The BLACK collection is the result of decades of science, technology and art – driven to perfection by a relentless quest for the ultimate black diamond. Timeless and dark as the depths of the earth that forge diamond, Elysium BLACK jewelry brings drama and desire together.
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